Neuropsychiatric Investigation

The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making


Department of Psychology, Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Adana, Turkey

Neuropsychiatric Investigation 2023; 61: 117-121
DOI: 10.5152/NeuropsychiatricInvest.2023.23010
Read: 631 Downloads: 298 Published: 10 January 2024

It is noteworthy that individuals mostly make intuitive and quick choices in complex situations. It is also well established that affective processes play an essential role in decision-making under uncertainty and risk. The recent literature has focused on the contribution of emotional intelligence domains to individuals’ effective decision-making skills. The current review study aimed to draw attention to neuropsychological studies investigating a possible link between emotional intelligence and decision-making performance in clinical and nonclinical samples. In addition, decision-making and emotional intelligence were discussed within the framework of the somatic marker hypothesis and dualprocess theory. This review also explored the brain regions associated with decision-making and emotional intelligence, as well as the impact of emotional intelligence training programs on decision-making performance. In line with the literature, it can be concluded that an individual’s ability to make effective decisions can be enhanced through increasing emotional intelligence skill training program.

Cite this article as: Yilmaz S. The relationship between emotional intelligence and decision-making. Neuropsychiatr Invest. 2023;61(4):117-121.

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