Neuropsychiatric Investigation

Suicidal Behaviour Attitudes Among Nursing and Midwifery Students

Neuropsychiatric Investigation 2019; 57: 6-12
DOI: 10.5455/NYS.20190215102533
Read: 608 Downloads: 460 Published: 01 January 2019
Objective: This study was conducted to determine suicidal behaviours attitudes of nursing and midwifery students.
Methods: The universe of this cross-sectional study consisted of 670 students from nursing and midwifery departments in a university in the academical year 2014-2015 spring. The data were obtained via using description form related to sociodemographical characteristics, Suicidal Behaviour Questionnaire Scala, Eskin’s Attitudes Towards Suicide Scale, Eskin’s Attitudes Towards Suicidal Persons Scale. 
Results: The mean age of students was 21.14±1.96, 85.4% of them were female, 57.6% were studying nursing and 42.4% were studying midwifery. Of the students, 23.7% had suicidal idea in some period of their lives, 8.7% attempted to suicide. Those attempting to suicide found suicide more acceptable than those never attempted (F=20.39, p<0.001).Those who never attempted to suicide had significantly higher mean scores for defining suicide as mental disorder (F=12.87, p<0.001); telling psychological problems (F=12.00, p<0.01); and clearly reporting suicide and discussing (F=4.27, p<0.05) when compared to the one who experienced a suicidal behaviour.When correlation coefficients between attitudes towards suicide and attitudes towards suicidal persons were investigated; telling problems was found related to low suicidal acceptance (r=-0.10, p<0.05), and hiding suicidal behaviour was found related to high suicidal acceptance (r=0.12, p<0.05).
Conclusion: It was concluded that almost one fifth of the students had suicidal idea in some part of their lives, and almost one tenth of them attempted to suicide. Early detection of symptoms related to suicide will be important for preventing suicidal deaths and its treatment, and for identifying support approaches.
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